BEDTIME STORIES (BLOG of bryan wisda)

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I absolutely love creating music for the ADHD community.  It is very rewarding to know that thousands of families every night around the world turn on ADHD Lullaby.  

Since 2019, when I released ADHD Lullaby, I have had to spend a good deal of time on marketing in order to sustain the revenue necessary to continue making new music.  In turn I have been actively thinking about how to sustainably create new music consistently without having to spend so much time worrying about the financial end of the music.

Subsequently, I have decided to create a Patreon page.  Patreon is a website which facilitates the support people wish to give to their favorite creators; in turn the supporters receive some pretty cool benefits.

In setting up my Patreon page I created multiple tiers, each with their own benefits.  The most basic tier asks for a $1 per month contribution and in return you receive free access to all my music (both released and un-released) in digital format.  Plus each week, at various times, I host live stream events both discussing parenting tips for raising kids with ADHD and playing relaxing music in the style of ADHD Lullaby.  Other tiers have some really cool perks, including the ability to musically collaborate with me on a song, that you'll have to check out.

Please visit to learn more and sign up to support my efforts to create more music for the ADHD community.

God bless,
Bryan Wisda

New Music Release - Hey Jude 

In February of 2019, when I released ADHD Lullaby I never expected it to be as embraced by the ADHD community as it has.  ADHD Lullaby is a very unique album, recorded using neuroscience, to specifically help kids with ADHD fall asleep fast.  It works really really well and quickly sailed onto the mainstream music charts.

Since releasing ADHD Lullaby, I released a song titled Down Time which used the same principles as ADHD Lullaby to help adults with ADHD fully relax.  After releasing Down Time, I wanted to create a song to help people with ADHD focus/concentrate but struggled with how to do this as the approach to helping people concentrate is so much different than trying to help them sleep.

ADHD Lullaby combines rhythmic and non-rhythmic (aka random) elements which overloads the brain's ability to process information and allows the embedded frequencies in the music to take on its full efficacy.  In trying to help people concentrate I realized I couldn't record in random elements as it would overload their brain's ability to concentrate on the task at hand (which is why it helps them sleep) but rather I needed a song to occupy a part of their subconscious mind which is constantly wandering for those with ADHD.

I settled on wanting to use a cover song that is extremely recognizable, but at the same time I didn't want to 100% copy the original song.  I also needed a song so recognizable people could still listen to it yet ignore it at the same time.  Finally, I decided on Hey Jude as the first 2 notes are almost instantly recognizable by anyone who has ever heard The Beatles' version of Hey Jude.

This song is the perfect addition to a homework playlist or any playlist you listen to while you need to concentrate on what you are doing.